About us

Our products have been tested in the harshest environments around australia, so we can set the standard for other companies to try to reach!

About Us
About Us

The Backstory

In 1994, Hamer begun manufacturing and exporting four-wheel drive accessories. The brand grew by focusing on the quality of the product with unique styles that could turn heads. It did not take long for Hamer products to define the new style of the modern 4X4.

Entering the Australian market was on our radar, as it is home to some of the most beautiful and harshest 4×4 tracks in the World. We quickly rose through the ranks to become a top 4WD accessory company in Australia. Our unique styles and ability to customise various accessories meshed perfectly with the personalities of those who wanted to stand out from the crowd with a hotter and edgier style that represented their individuality.

The Australian
4x4 Story

Australia is a prime location for R-and-D because of the rigorous regulatory assessments taking place. The Australian Design Rules (ADR) are some of the most thorough in the world. In order to ensure the safety of the Australian public, extensive tests under actual crash conditions are carried out. 

Helping 4X4 owners create the ride they have been dreaming about is a driving force behind our business. The team is genuinely excited to be a part of the transformation of vehicles from run-of-the-mill stock to fully personalised custom rides.

Oceania Auto Ventures are your trusted 4×4 Accessories provider in Australia

We Stand By
Our Products

If you want to make your truck stand out from the crowd of ordinary vehicles, look no further than Hamer 4X4. We have a comprehensive inventory of Hamer accessories that will fit your vehicle, making you the centre of attention wherever you drive.

If you are ready to have a one-of-a-kind vehicle and are not sure where to begin, check out our website or get in touch with our team of experts. We know how to help match your individuality with the hottest add-ons available.

As the holder of the national brand, we supply select retailers with our impressive selection of accessories and ensure that you will receive expert installation. We also work directly with end customers directly.

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Get in touch with one of our trusted distributors or retailers around Australia for personalised advice on all our products.