With bull bars for a wide range of budgets and requirements, our products are designed for those who love the outdoors. From LED lights to stainless steel fittings, our bull bars are constantly pushing the limit of function and design.

Rear bars

Our rear bars offer the best looks in the business, as well as the strength and durability to help you take your off-road excitement to the next level. You have control over many customisations like shackles, hitches, trailler balls, etc.

Roll Bars

Roll cages are a great extra layer of protection, but they are also very useful for off-road and 4WD driving, particularly if you regularly travel on rough roads. A roll bar can help prevent serious injury, so it’s a wise investment for those who prefer to stick to a fun and adventurous lifestyle.

OAV Products Offer High Quality and Safety. All Meet Australian Safety Standards.

Other Accessories

When you are off-roading, you must be sure that you and your ride are equipped well enough to be fully self-reliant. This is even more important if you are heading into remote regions like the Outback. Adding the correct recovery equipment can save your vehicle, and it could possibly save your life.

4x4 Recovery

When you’re going off-road, the right 4×4 accessories can turn your ute or truck into an off-road machine. At OAV we have a great range of off-road accessories including bash plates, underbody protection plates & tyre carriers.

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