Warranty Policy

All Australian-based customers of Hamer 4×4 will receive a manufacturers’ warranty in line with Australian Consumer Law.

In addition to this, Hamer 4×4 Australia will also provide the following:

a) Replacement or repair of any products damaged during the shipping process.

Please note that all costs and expenses incurred by customers during any warranty claim are to be funded by the customer.

Am I Eligible for a Warranty?

To be eligible for this warranty, customers and retailers must satisfy the following criteria, and be able to clearly demonstrate this in writing with accompanying photos to support this.

a) A copy of your receipt as proof of purchase from a registered Hamer 4×4 Australia retailer listed on our website (or direct) which is within the listed warranty period.

b) Fitting instructions have been followed during the installation process.

c) Appropriate care and maintenance have been applied to the product throughout the ownership period.

d) The product has been used for its intended purpose, and not subject to any activities or stresses that are unreasonable (e.g. too much weight/overloading, any racing and competitions etc.).

e) All components of the Hamer 4×4 Australia products have been used, without use of thirdparty or non-genuine items during the installation.

Who is Installing Your Products?

Based on our experience since commencing supply and distribution of 4×4 accessories in Australia, we have learned and witnessed a lot with regards to installation and fitting of products. Unfortunately, we have been let down on multiple occasions by Australian retailers / fitters who lack the skill, care and/or pride required to deliver service to consumers that is up to our standard.

The team at Hamer 4×4 Australia understand that our products can be time-consuming to install. However, that is why we strongly recommend installation be carried out by a professional who works with our products daily. As such, we now have a small retail network of trusted stockists and authorised fitting professionals whom which we provide a 100% fitment guarantee. If our products don’t fit adequately as agreed by out retailers, we will replace your products immediately (as stock allows).

Hamer 4×4 Australia fitment guarantee and warranty is void when supplied direct to customer for installation with third-parties who are not registered Hamer retailers. If your or your thirdparty installer are unable to satisfactorily fit these products, we can refer you to a registered professional for assistance, where you will be charged at an hourly rate agreed upon prior to troubleshooting.

How Do I Claim?

Please return your products back to the retailer / reseller you purchased the item(s) from, along with written evidence explaining/supporting items a) through e) above.

Hamer 4×4 Australia will liaise with the retailer / reseller in order to assess your claim.

If you have any queries, please contact our team at info@oceaniaautos.com.au.