If you are someone who enjoys off-road excursions, then equipping your ride with top-notch recovery accessories will really add to your safety. Additionally, your vehicle’s style will be upgraded and more eye-catching.

When you are off-roading, you must be sure that you and your ride are equipped well enough to be fully self-reliant. This is even more important if you are heading into remote regions like the Outback. Adding the correct recovery equipment can save your vehicle, and it could possibly save your life.


Omega Shackles

Our Omega Shackles are made of ductile cast iron and coated with a non-corrosive powder finish to provide extra protection for years of use. The shackles have a dynamic look but do not let the stylishness fool you. The Omega shuffles weigh 1.2 kilograms yet can support 3.5 tonnes with ease.

Ultimate Shackles

Hamer’s Ultimate Shackles are vastly superior to competitors’ top shackles. Made from ductile cast iron and weighing only 2 kilograms. The Ultimate Shackles have a powder-coated corrosion-resistant finish to keep the shackles in excellent condition no matter what your ride goes through. The 25,000kg max weight offers plenty of power even in difficult situations.

Rated Recovery Points

Hamer’s recovery points are made to take on any situation and handle it with ease. Its sturdy structure offers complete functionality, and at the same time, the design adds a unique look to your vehicle. The 15 kilograms piece is made of a 20mm steel plate that will support up to 3.5 tons.


The rescue winch with a 26-metre synthetic rope can assist with a variety of difficult situations. The durable construction features a 6HP 12V DC Motor and rope that is rated at 12,000 lb. You will need to attach the winch to a suitable mounting plate or bumper to use it at its total capacity.

Recovery Kit

Whether you are taking on the famed Outback or off-roading closer to home, a well-thought-out recovery kit is a necessity. Purchasing the kit offers considerable savings and convenience. Our kit contains a hitch link, soft shackles, and a tow strap together in a sturdy recovery bag.


Find a retailer

At Hamer, excellent customer satisfaction is more than a familiar phrase; it is our mantra. It is also the reason why we are selective about which retailers can officially carry our products and call themselves Hamer Retailers. We have retailers in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales. You can also shop online confidently, knowing our products come with our guarantee of fit.

Vehicle Fitting Tool

You can have the best equipment money can buy, but your accessories will not have much impact without a good fit. At Hamer, you can buy with confidence, knowing our vehicle fitting tool ensures a perfect fit every time. If something does not fit, you can be sure we will make it right.


Our Recovery Equipment

Off-roading is a massively popular pastime for many reasons, including challenging yourself and your ride to take on rugged terrain and extreme conditions. While you want to feel confident, it is a smart idea to be ready with a complement of recovery gear.

When it comes to recovery equipment, Hamer products are at the head of the pack. Whether you need shackles, recovery points, winches, a recovery kit, or more, Hamer carries solid and durable products to help in every situation

There is no shortage of benefits that Hamer aftermarket products provide. The roll bars, rear bars, accessories, and recovery equipment are among the top accessories in Australia.

These are built to last and offer the high level of performance that Hamer is known to provide. So, aside from unique good looks, Hamer products are rugged and reliable. It is easy to stand behind a product when it exceeds your standards.

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