Other Accessories

The right 4×4 accessories can turn your ute or truck into an off-road machine.

At Hamer we have a great range of off-road accessories including bash plates, underbody protection plates & tyre carriers.

Other Accessories
Other Accessories

Bash Plate

Protect your engine from the rigours of off-roading with Hamer’s Bash Plate. We use 3mm thick steel to create a plate that fits under your engine. The weight is approximately seven km, so it will not weigh you down. The dimensions vary by which model you need for your specific vehicle.

Underbody Protection Plates

Depending on your vehicle, you may want more protection under your truck than you can get from a bash plate. Hamer makes Under Body Protection Plates designed for those who want more protection. The 3mm steel plate guard covers your radiator, transmission, and engine for total protection.

Tyre Carrier

The impressive Hamer Tyre Carriers provide the space to hold your spare securely. The style will stop onlookers in their tracks to get a better view. The 3mm steel is top quality, so you can be sure your tyre will stay safely in place no matter how rugged the terrain.


Find a retailer

At Hamer, taking care of our customers is our priority, so we are selective about which retailers can call themselves Hamer Retailers. You can find our products in shops in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales. Where you can see our distinctive aftermarket accessories, and you can shop worry-free. You can also shop online as all of our products carry Hamer’s fitment guarantee.

Vehicle Fitting Tool

Our job is not complete until we are sure your new accessories fit. Our vehicle fitting tool ensures a perfect fit every time. If something is not as it should be, we will make it right. You can buy with confidence, knowing we have your back.

Our Accessories

While plenty of aftermarket accessories are available, they do not come close to Hamer in areas of style, versatility, and durability. Whether you need protection for the underbody or a rugged tyre carrier, Hamer has accessories that will fit your style and match your adventurous spirit.

Our accessories are the best in design and function. We use top-grade materials to bring the creativity of our engineers to life, and Hamer stands behind all of its exciting aftermarket products. While we put a lot of effort into designing the best-looking and most durable accessories, Hamer accessories will rise to the occasion and outperform the competition.

If you are driving one of the many trucks, Utes, and other sport utility vehicles on the road today, it can be difficult to tell them apart from each other, but Hamer can help.

Aside from bringing you accessories that scream originality, Hamer attachments are among the top aftermarket goods in Australia. Tough, rugged, and reliable, describe the roll bars, rear bars, and other accessories Hamer brings. Because our aim is customer satisfaction, we constantly raise the bar on quality and reliability. With quality that is second-to-none, it is easy to stand behind these products.

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Got a question about any of our bash plates, underbody protection plates & tyre carriers? Get in touch with the Hamer 4×4 team and we can answer all you need to know!